US subjects 23 companies to export restrictions for threatening US interests

The US Bureau of Industry and Security has added 23 companies to its Entity List, which lists entities the US believes to be acting contrary to its national security or foreign policy interests. As a consequence, a licence will be required for any export or transfer to the 23 companies, including where they act only as an intermediate consignee, and no licence exceptions are available for transactions they are involved in.

The additions comprise 15 companies from South Sudan, listed for being government, parastatal, or private entities acting contrary to US foreign policy interests, 7 from Pakistan, listed for their involvement in the nuclear trade, and 1 from Singapore, also listed for its involvement in the nuclear trade.

As part of the same action, BIS has also de-listed Ecuadorian company Corporacion Nacional de Telecommunicaciones and UAE company Talaat Mehmood.

The details of the changes are here.