Trump pledges ‘additional major’ sanctions on N Korea

Trump2.jpgIn light of North Korea’s recent ballistic missile test, President Donald Trump has pledged “additional major” sanctions against the state.

Yesterday, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting in which France, in particular, advocated for the acceleration and expansion of existing sanctions against North Korea.

Switzerland adopts UN sanctions against Mali

Switzerland1The Swiss Federal Council has transposed into Swiss law the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 2374 (2017), which orders the freezing of assets and a ban on travel for individuals or entities acting (directly or indirectly) to undermine the peace, security and stability of Mali. Click here for the Swiss press release.

UN extends arms embargoes on Somalia and Eritrea

UN1The UN Security Council has adopted Resolution 2385 (2017), which extends the modified arms embargo on Somalia and the authorisation for maritime interdiction of illicit arms imports and charcoal exports until 15 November 2018. The arms ban on Eritrea has also been renewed until 15 November 2018. Click here for the UN press release.

US votes against UN resolution to lift Cuba embargo

UN General Assembly.jpgThe UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution calling for an end to the US trade embargo on Cuba. A total of 191 UN member states approved the non-binding resolution, whilst the US and Israel voted to oppose it.

The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said that the embargo would remain in place “as long as the Cuban people continue to be deprived of their human rights and fundamental freedoms”. Only the US Congress can lift the trade embargo. Click here for the UN press release.

Switzerland implements UN sanctions on N Korea

Switzerland1Switzerland has adopted a series of sanctions against DPRK, implementing UN Security Council Resolutions 2371 (2017) and 2375 (2017). Work permits will no longer be issued to citizens of DPRK and, in the financial sector, joint ventures and cooperative entities, both ongoing and new, with links to DPRK, have been prohibited. Financial transactions with DPRK have been prohibited, except those solely for the operation of diplomatic or consular missions or for humanitarian activities. The ban on trade goods has been extended. The handling of goods bound for or coming from DPRK, or from ship to ship with a DPRK vessel, has been prohibited. For the Swiss press release, click here.

Security Council assessment of UN sanctions review

UN1.jpgThe UN Security Council has published an Assessment Report assessing the Compendium of the ‘High Level Review’ of UN Sanctions (November 2015), which was the first comprehensive review of UN sanctions. The Compendium and the Assessment Report are “intended to serve as a basis for ongoing dialogue and engagement in promoting more effective and collaborative United Nations sanctions procedures”.

The Assessment Report makes 10  recommendations for strengthening cooperation within the UN sanctions system, enhancing cooperation between UN sanctions and the private sector, improving definitions and standards used in sanctions resolutions and related documents, refining the due process of UN sanctions, and supporting states that bear a disproportionate implementation burden.

NZ aircraft manufacturer pleads guilty to breaching UN sanctions on N Korea

Engine Blade.jpgPacific Aerospace Ltd, an aircraft manufacturing company based in Hamilton, New Zealand, has pleaded guilty in a New Zealand court to indirectly exporting aircraft parts to North Korea and is expected to be sentenced in January. Charges had been brought against the company by the New Zealand Customs Service in August 2017, see here.