Eritrea Sanctions

Initial Imposition of EU Sanctions and Subsequent Amendments

The EU initially imposed sanctions against Eritrea in March 2010 in order to implement UNSCR 1907 (2009)

UN Sanctions

UNSCR 1907 (2009) – arms embargo, travel restrictions and asset freezes relating to persons who constitute a threat to the peace and national reconciliation

UNSCR 2023 (2011) – targeted sanctions against Eritrea’s political and military leaders

Form of the Sanctions

Arms embargo

Travel bans

Asset freezes

Criteria for Inclusion in Targeted Measures

Individuals or entities who violate the terms of the arms embargo

Eritrean individuals or entities providing support to armed opposition groups aimed at destabilising the region

Individuals or entities obstructing the implementation of UNSCR 1862 (2009) concerning Djibouti

Individuals or entities harbouring, facilitating, financing, organising, training or inciting terrorism

Individuals or entities obstructing the work of the UN Monitoring Group

Provisions in Force

Council Decision 2010/127/CFSP (2 March 2010)

  • Member States shall take the necessary measures to prevent sale or supply of arms to Eritrea
  • Prohibition on supply of technical assistance, training and financial assistance related to arms
  • Procurement of arms originating from Eritrea also prohibited
  • Member States obligated to check all cargoes to and from Eritrea

Amended by Council Decision 2010/414/CFSP: Council shall communicate its decision to list those targeted by sanctions and shall include the grounds for listing

Amended by Council Decision 2012/632/CFSP: the arms prohibition does not extend to supplies of non-lethal military equipment that it intended solely for humanitarian or protective purposes

Council Regulation (EU) No 667/2010 (27 July 2010)

Case Law

There is no case law specifically related to sanctions against Eritrea.

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