Initial Imposition of EU Sanctions

 The European Union initially imposed sanctions against Haiti in 1994

UN Sanctions

UNSCR 917 (1994) – prohibits the satisfying of any claim by Haitian authorities in connection with the performance of financial engagements

Form of the Sanctions

Asset freezes

Criteria for Inclusion in Targeted Measures

The measures are not especially targeted. They are implemented against “persons or bodies in Haiti”

Provisions in Force

Common Position 94/315/CFSP

  • Economic relations with Haiti to be reduced in accordance with UNSCR 917 (1994)
  • Asset freezes to be adopted with regard to the individuals listed in UNSCR 917 (1994)

Council Regulation (EC) No 1264/1994 implements asset freezes against listed individuals

Case Law

There is currently no sanctions case law specific to Haiti


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