Initial Imposition of EU Sanctions

The EU first imposed sanctions relating to Lebanon in December 2005

UN Sanctions

UNSCR 1701 (2006) – Resolution aimed at the full cessation of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon. This long term solution was based inter alia on the disarmament of Hezbollah and other armed groups in Lebanon

UNSCR 1636 (2005) – All States obligated to freeze funds, financial assets and economic resources in their territories that are owned or controlled by people suspected of being involved in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and to subject those individuals to a travel ban. Also requires Syrian cooperation into the investigation into the assassination of Rafiq Hariri

Form of the Sanctions

CP 2006/625/CFSP established an embargo on all arms transfers to Lebanon not authorised by the Government of Lebanon or UNIFIL

CP 2005/888/CFSP provided for implementation of measures set out in UNSCR 1636 (2005). In particular the freezing of funds and economic resources of persons registered by the Committee of UNSC as suspected of involvement in the planning, sponsoring, organising or perpetrating of the assassination of Rafiq Hariri and others on 14th February 2005

Council Regulation No.305/2006 imposed specific restrictive measures against certain persons suspected of involvement in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri

Criteria for Inclusion in Targeted Measures

Individuals considered suspects in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri were listed in the Mehlis Report commissioned by the UN to investigate the fatal bombing

Provisions in Force

Common Position 2006/625/CFSP (OJ L 253, 16 September 2006)

  • To ensure that there would be no weapons in Lebanon without the consent of the Government of Lebanon, restrictive measures prohibiting the direct or indirect sale, supply, transfer or export of arms and related materials were implemented by Council Regulation (EC) No 1412/2006, as amended by Council Regulation (EU) No 555/2010
  • Financial assistance to military activities relating to the provision of arms was also prohibited

Council Regulation (EC) No 305/2006 (OJ L 51, 22 February 2006)

  • Compelled Member States to “take all measures necessary to ensure” that the broad freezes of funds and economic resources were implemented and to establish penalties that were “effective, proportionate and dissuasive”
  • Annex II lists the competent authorities permitted to release funds and economic resources under restricted circumstances (subject to notification of the Sanctions Committee of the UNSC).
  • This list was updated (with minor amendments) by Council Regulation (EC) No 1791/2006 and Council Regulation (EC) No 517/2013

Common Position 2005/888/CFSP (OJ L 327, 14 December 2005)

  • Travel bans imposed on those individuals listed in UNSCR 1636 (2005)
  • Also, freezing of funds and economic resources of these individuals
  • Also, Member States required to make these individuals available for interview by Investigation Committee of UNSC if such individuals are found within a Member State’s territory

Case Law

There is no case law related to sanctions against Lebanon


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